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Boilers circulate warm water or steam through your radiant heating system. If you want to purchase a boiler or need repairs to your current one, we can help.

SL Series G3 Boiler at Parent Heating & Cooling Inc.

G3 Boilers By Parent Heating & Cooling

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Easy to Use Boiler Control

  • Express setup – program your boiler in seconds.
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics.
  • Easy USB programmability.
  • Intuitive alert system with detailed error messages.
  • Visible flame current data for troubleshooting.
  • Simplified load pairing.
  • Optional true native BACnet.

Easy to Install & Service

  • With supply and return connection on both sides of 4 models, your boiler installation can’t get any easier.
  • PVC/CPVC/PPs approved.
  • Longest combined vent lengths – Up to 200 ft in 2” and 480 ft in 3”
  • More common parts. With only 2 fans and a universal controller servicing all models just got a lot easier. Fuel conversion kits included in the 4 smaller models.

More Built-in Features

  • Built-in zone pump control – up to 4 zones. Replacing the need for external pump controls.
  • MFZ Technology: Patented moisture management system. Protects and ensures long life for all components in the boiler.
  • Turndown ratio of up to 10:1 means you have the power to heat your home in the coldest weather, yet reduce short cycling when the weather is mild.
  • Built-in outdoor reset control of water temperature.
  • Built-in CSA/UL approved low water cut-off and manual reset high limit. • Reverse flow detection.
  • Unmatched safety features.
  • Connect your IBC Indirect Water Tank directly to the boiler without a primary loop.
  • Better efficiency up to 96% A.F.U.E. (SL 40-399G3 TE/CE 96%).

Superior Heat Exchanger

  • The most advanced stainless steel fire tube boiler on the market today.
  • Increased efficiency: Custom baffling to ensure even heat transfer and long life.

Commercial Features

  • Multi-boiler communication.
  • Easy boiler network setup. Up to 9.5 million Btu/h (24 boilers) without additional controls.
  • With 24 boilers turndown ratio is 240:1 = min. firing rate range is 40,000 Btu/h all the way up to 9.5 million Btu/h in 1000 Btu/ h increments.
  • Ti option available on SL 40-399G3.
  • DDC Control 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA without additional controls.
  • Internet capable.
  • Turnkey Multiplex Racking System designed for the SL 399. Complete with all hardware, pumps, valves & fittings.

DC Series Boiler & Heater Appliance In Ottawa, ON

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DC Series Dual Fired Appliance

Certified as a Boiler & Water Heater

DC 15-96 15,000 to 96,000 BTU/HR

DC 20-125 20,000 to 125,000 BTU/HR

DC 33-160 33,000 to 160,000 BTU/HR

  • Two independent copper coils embedded in a cast aluminum heat exchanger.
  • Up to 96% AFUE with full ASME-rated pressure vessel. ANSI Z21.13 / CSA 4.9
  • Up to .87 EF. ANSI Z21.10.3 / CSA 4.3.
  • Low lead certified.
  • PVC/CPVC/PPs approved.
  • Built-in pump.
  • Self-cleaning, self-draining vertical fin heat exchanger.
  • Up to 6.25:1 turndown ratio of better load matching.
  • Copper waterways provide stable performance and glycol compatibility.
  • Exceptional longevity. Heat exchanger has a 20 year track record, with over 1.5 million installed.
  • Contractor friendly, fewer internal parts, easy to install, maintain and service.
  • Outdoor reset technology increases efficiency by lowering the water temperature automatically.
  • Includes Air Vent, Outdoor Sensor & Relief Valve. • 5 year limited manufacturer’s parts warranty.
  • 10 year limited heat exchanger warranty.

Indirect Water Heaters in Ottawa

Indirect Water Heaters – Ottawa

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Indirect Water Heaters

Domestic hot water generation is becoming more important in many homes and commercial buildings today as occupants require generous volumes of hot water delivered in the most efficient way possible. Environmental awareness and sound economics is driving the need for more efficient and durable water heating solutions than those of the past.

Many traditional direct-fired storage type water heaters have efficiency ratings in the low 60% range as opposed to 90% plus for condensing boilers. As well, in many areas of the country, these heaters last less than 5 years due to mineral build-up, adding a big burden to our landfill and recycling facilities.

IBC Indirect fired water heaters use the hot water from an IBC boiler, diverted through a closed-loop heat exchanger coil in the tank, to heat incoming domestic hot water. The generous coil size allows us to operate the boiler at lower water temperatures so that we can take advantage of the energy gained through condensing operation of the boiler. Since the heat exchanger coil has a much cooler surface than the heat exchange surfaces of a direct-fired tank, mineral build-up is greatly reduced, resulting in a much longer service life. Made of stainless steel, our tanks are also very resistant to corrosion from aggressive water.

The deep modulation range of IBC boilers allow for very efficient, low level operation during the bulk of the heating season while having the instant availability of the higher output range for fast recovery of domestic hot water.

Well insulated, our water heaters can hold a large volume of hot water ready for instant use with minimal energy loss from the jacket. Unlike conventional water heaters, there is no chimney flue to act as a heat scrubber, further saving energy. Unlike the tankless-type heaters, our indirect approach offers sufficient delivery volumes for the most demanding loads – such as soaker tub fillers and “carwash-type” showers – with true instantaneous response times.

Available in many sizes up to 120 US gallons, right sizing of the water heater allows end users to have as much hot water on tap as they want, whenever they want it.

30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 115 US Gallon High Output, Xtra High Output options available


  • Top connections for easy installation.
  • High output & extra high output available on selected models.
  • High capacity smooth wall coils which are resistant to airlocks.
  • Durable high grade 316L stainless steel.
  • Fail proof, welded stainless steel dip tube.
  • A full 2” of insulation for an extremely low standby heat loss.
  • A thermoplastic jacket that will not corrode.
  • Optional Aquastat for additional flexibility.
  • Brass ball valve style drain and T+P valves are factory installed.
  • Conforms to UL STD 174, Certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 # 110-94.
  • 10 year non-prorated residential warranty with limited lifetime option.


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