HVAC Special Promotions in Ottawa, Ontario

With over 30 years of experience, Parent Heating & Cooling has been providing Ottawa, Ontario, and the surrounding area with the best in heating and air conditioning service for a long time. We take a hands-on approach to all jobs, focusing on efficient and dedicated work, as well as good relationships with all of our customers.

We know that knowledge is our greatest asset as service workers and in all customer interactions. That’s why we take what we know and apply it in intuitive ways to create solutions for any problem we face. We also hope to provide our customers with answers to any questions they have, making it easier for you to recognize problems with your HVAC systems and call on Parent Heating & Cooling if you need help. Looking for ways to make our affordable service even easier? Check out our available promotions for new and returning customers.

Quality service for affordable prices

A well-maintained heating and air conditioning system will last longer, perform better, and be more energy-efficient than one that is suffering from neglect. The experts at Parent Heating & Cooling are happy to help you arrange scheduled maintenance, duct cleaning, use our protection plan, install a new air quality system, and more—all using trusted brands and thorough service.

While it may be tempting to try and fix things yourself, or hire a cheaper, less reliable company, HVAC systems can be difficult to repair. Proper inspections can only be performed by licensed technicians who are trained to recognize issues that might otherwise be missed. Cumulative problems can add up and become major issues that end up jeopardizing the health and function of your HVAC systems. We also know the value of a dollar, so we work hard to make service as affordable as possible for all customers. Trust in the professionals to extend the life of your systems by hiring Parent Heating & Cooling.

Take advantage of our special offers

We have a number of ongoing promotions to help our customers with the cost of heating and air conditioning repair and installation.

  • You can get up to $1,765 in Bryant Bonus Rebates.
  • Get a new air conditioning system for $39/month.
  • Save $50 on duct cleaning and furnace maintenance.

Just click on any of our coupons to print it for use with one of our air conditioning and heating services. Book an appointment and our HVAC technicians will be happy to receive the promotion as well as answer any questions you may have.

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Get A New Furnace at $39 a month

New Air Conditioning at $39 a month

Save $50

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