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Available for both new buildings and renovated residential settings, radiant heating is a luxurious way to ensure your toes are warm on those cold winter mornings.

With radiant floor heating, you may never wear your slippers again!

Uponor Radiant Floor Heating uponor

The Most Important Part of a Warm Home........Warmth.

The right stone hearth and your grandmother's quilt may be what you first imagine. Yet the practical consideration of a heating system deserves attention, too.

With Uponor, comfort is part of the design of your home. Every inch of space feels warm and cozy. Even the coldest place on earth, the bathroom tile. Our radiant floor heating is so smart and efficient, so beautifully functional, you'll boast of it to friends and family.

The idea behind it is simple.

Hot air rises. That means it floats up to the ceiling, which isn't where you are. You spend your time on the floor, or on furniture on top of the floor, so that's where the warmth should be.

Our systems circulate warm water beneath your floor, through flexible, durable plastic tubing called PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). This tubing runs back and forth, wall to wall, bringing heat to every corner of every room.

Unlike forced air, radiant heat is distributed evenly throughout the house. There's no blast of hot air near registers and no cold spots elsewhere. Drafts are completely eliminated. Your cocoon once more feels like a cocoon.

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